I asked, “Where do you hide? I thought you were gone.”

He replies,

“I watch you here
And I lurk

I watch while you sleep and when your awake
I hide in the corner ready to take

When I see you are weak and starting to break
I slowly take you down low to the bottom
and you easily partake

You barely notice me until my force is already strong
I hold you tight and string you along
But You follow my lead almost every time
I know when to attack
When the timing is all wrong.

So come to me now, just surrender your soul
It will be easy for you and no one has to know.

I need your permission, in order to proceed, come with me now,
It’s you I need.”

I looked up at him and smiled sweetly and said, “Misery, I refuse to give in, I refuse to provide you company and my soul, you will never win.”

My words 🙂
Stay strong in your fight!
Love S.


The Ruin

The Ruin

My feelings hurt
Heart is sore
You tore me apart
Burns from the core
Unprotected I arrived
I let down my shield

I let you in
Now time to heal

I knew then what you would do
I knew my heart would be split in two

What I allowed
Is what you did
I knew it was coming
But all worth the sin

To feel what I felt

I will hold it forever
I will never forget
Forget you never

my mind is blown
From the draft you left
But with you
I would do it all over again

My heart is twisted
My love is tainted
But what a beautiful picture we had painted

Thank you

Original written oct 14 by me 🙂