About Me

I have delayed writing up this page far too long. I have spent some time pondering about what to write about myself, something interesting or unique. Turns out I am either of the two. I am just your average gal. I am married, have a 9 to 5 job, and have recently had a baby 🙂

I started this blog to help me unleash my inner writter. Writing is so powerful and theraputic. I am by no means a professional writer nor am I very good at it, so my apologies. To compensate I promise to be honest and hopefully you can find something you enjoy, something comforting, or just anything from one of my posts.

I know I have read some blogs that do this for me. Nothing like reading a post that makes you smile, makes you laugh, something that makes you shake your head in agreement.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, experiences, etc., etc…

P.S. I can’t spell very well and I hate spell check 😉

Love S.


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