Something, anything…

For a while I have been wanting … I was going to write trying there but I'd be lying to you and myself to say that … wanting to write a "hit" post! A viral post! The winning piece… and then I sit down to write… start a post … I want it to be so brilliant that the pressure kills me!! So today I just told myself write! Write anything ! It shouldn't be about a perfection! Because I couldn't decide what would be brilliant to write about I thought I should just start typing … and so here I am… nothing to write about. Just a girl, in the world, who wants to write, to make people smile, to make all feel at home and welcome!

So even if there is no comments, no readers I am just happy I decided to come back today to write. Clear my head for a few!

For all the great bloggers out there: why do you write? What drives you to write? Where does your inspiration come from!?


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