Coffee Talk

Okay so here I am 3:33 am Eastern Canada time starting this post. So this wasn’t called coffee talk because I’m having a coffee and I need to chat… This is: I had a coffee early evening and now I can’t fucking sleep😂😳.

I haven’t written here since …. uhhhhh… I don’t know when… But it seems I am always inspired when it’s time to sleep. Convenient. I know 😉

I’ve been pintresting for the last hour and after pinning almost every 10 week workout plan to a beautiful new “self” and every fitspiration photo of a lady with a tight ass and perfect abs with captions such as “strong is the new sexy”, and “small changes = big results” , “keep going” , “in a month from now you will be wondering why you didn’t start today” blah blah blah …. Let’s just say I was ready to move on…

So now that I’ve fed that part of my brain I thought why not try and write …

And now I may try and sleep…
Wish me luck😕

Good night y’all


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