Who Am I? and Why am I here? …

These are great questions. Ha! I wish I exactly knew the answers to those. I started this blog a while back and well… as you can see I have not got far.

Today on freshly pressed, I found this post “You Never Can Tell…Part 2” , which I really enjoyed, which also linked me to this Zero to Hero Challenge πŸ™‚

Side Note: Thanks Ana πŸ™‚

So I am writing this as part of the Day 1 Challenge. Who I am and Why I am here.

Click here for my “about me” page which should be updated a little but close enough for now πŸ™‚

I wanted to write this blog as a public personal journal. I think writing connects us to our brains and helps to work out a lot in our heads. I am writing for therapy really, because Lord knows and you will find, I definitely need it. Ha! Posting public seems much more interesting. Getting feedback and others thoughts on the inner workings of my brain and thoughts is far more interesting and real.

I enjoy interacting and exchanging positive energy with all different walks of life (yes it’s true). I am interested in reading about others life experiences. From dry sarcastic rants & daily annoyances, to beautiful photography, cooking, parental advice and of course lets not forget the do it yourselfers – Some very clever people out there, I love to read peoples thoughts and opinions. A blog where I can read and have that “ahh haaa” moment is my absolute favourite.

Along my journey here I can connect with you all and perhaps bring you an “ahh haa” moment or two…
I want my blog to be about my daily life, my opinions, my poetry, my art, products I love, products I hate, books I love, books I hate etc… You get the picture.

Looking forward to connecting with you all πŸ™‚


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