Zombie Land : Driving in the GTA

So January 2nd. Back to the daily grind. Back to my morning commute, dealing with the never ending blunder of zombies on the road.

Zombie Type #One: The one who graciously waits to read/answer his texts on his cell phone at every stop light. And also takes his sweet time responding to the green light because no one else in the world exists but him-and his phone of course.

Zombie Type #Two: The one talking on his cell phone with the phone in his hand (but not to his ear, it’s on speaker so that makes it better right??- I’m sure he wouldn’t get pulled over for that)

Zombie Type #Three: Oh yes then we have the girl that applies her daily mask piece by piece at every stop light. (I used to be her when I was 18)

Zombie Type #Four: Let us not forget the too scared, face to the wheel, Ima hold as tight as I can because it gives me a false sense of control. (You know the one)

All Others: just put putting away, lost in their mind of the daily thoughts that lurk in their brain… They drive along unaware of their surroundings only their subconscious knowing roughly the amount of space they need to keep between them and the car ahead until the thoughts cloud their brain and the SCREECHHHHH…Almost hit the car ahead … A wake up call…

Then there is me…. The angry driver who is weaving in and out of the Zombies who have been put on the road to specifically irritate me… Who can not see past themselves and oblivious that the world is existing in front of their eyes….

Yes I am she. Riding with the song by Ludacris “Move Bitch”

Tell me about your morning drive ….


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