Kony 2012

What is this world coming to? Last week Monday afternoon I finally decided to give 28 minutes of my time to watch this “Kony” video that everyone kept posting about. If you haven’t see it here :


I am absolutely ignorant in regards to wordly matters however in the last year I have definitely tried to be more “informed” and “awake”. So I watch the news and subscibe to various news feeds. Being the completely ignorant person I am after watching the video I was esgaperated by the atrocities going on and that have been going on in Africa which I was totally oblivious to. I felt compelled to share the video immediately on Facebook and Twitter etc. etc…
So the week went on and of course more and more articles start popping up countering/challenging the Kony video… Talking about its simplicity and speaking about the history is deeper than what Kony 2012 portrays. Challenging the group Invisible Children and their intent…accusing them of ill spending…  missing the whole point of the video. It is crystal clear to me what the Invisible Children are trying to do. And I am definitely no scholar or rocket scientist. The video is to make people aware, they want Kony to surrender, and if you WANT to you can donate to this “AWARENESS” group.
I am disappointed in the world. Of course we need a little skeptism to bring us down to reality but seriously… Does it really matter what the history of the country is and all other counter arguments brought to the table because does it make it any different that this man, Joseph Kony, is still running this army of children who kill their parents and use girls for sex slaves. The answer is SIMPLE. NO.

So yes I want to help and get rid of Mr. Kony… that is the bottom line!!!! So all you skeptics and devils advocates (for lack of a better term) pick another topic.  I dont need a run down of history to show how smart or intricate you writing and thoughts may be. Use your intelligence to help the issue 🙂
I read this article yesterday where Jedidiah Jenkins responds to about every challenge I have heard to date! I like his answers because they are clear and direct as the questions. There is no skirting the issues in this interview…. Thats my opinion anyway…
‘There’s a Rabid Hunger to Criticize’: A ‘Kony 2012’ Creator Defends the Film – http://pulse.me/s/6N0i0
What are your thoughts?


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