One day….

So I am just watching Anderson. One of my new favourites since being at home. A portion of the show was about “is your house making you fat?”. A dietician was on the show and talked about the way you can set up your home to help reshape your “diet”. I have read many books, websites, articles, and the list goes on… All the tips the dietician named were among the common tips listed in all of the other documents … Honestly I think it’s funny how everytime I watch, or read something on diets or weightloss I think I will come across a magic ingredient or magic piece of info that is going to help me!!! Ha! No matter how many times I read the same great tips, I still go in to my kitchen and grab some chips, or something else that is not so good for me. I say “hmmm, that is great idea… Let me go get some chips to snack on while I ponder that great tip…”. Then I get so deep in thought and in to my bag of chips that I forget what I was thinking about until I hear or read about it again. Lol. Yes and there it is… I will be ready one day to follow… Hmmm l am going to get some chips and ponder about when and how I should start… 🙂


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