Ignorance is Blind but Now I See.

Until you have a premature baby you can’t really understand what it is! I was speaking to a friend the other day and she said to me “… but everything is good now. Right?”. Not to begin a very long drawn out conversation and rekindle alot
of many old and remaining emotions I replied “… Right!”.

I can’t really get upset with ignorance. I too was ignorant. I remember myself saying to a friend of mine whose sister had a 28 weeker “…but the baby is doing good right?”. I remember him pausing and saying. “…yes. But …” and then he stopped and ended that conversation. Looking back I want to slap myself now that I am aware. Aware of all the emotions that follow you out of the NICU. Anxiety, pain, anger, fear, sadness…. There are also positive emotions however the negative ones are the ones that still sting.

When I return to work I will seek out my friend to apologize for my ignorance. It won’t make things right but at least he will know that I understand.

No one understands until they walk the walk themselves so I can’t get upset. This has taught me one thing. Just LISTEN. As much as you think your comment may help …. That’s my advice for today…

~ Chronicles of a Preemie Mom


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