Why You Need To Watch SCANDAL! Reason No. 1

It took me a while but seriously seriously SCANDAL is the bomb dot com!

My reasons as if I even need to give them to you because the title speaks for itself! I mean who doesn’t like a good scandal to read about… don’t even say you don’t care for that because I know that’s just liesπŸ˜‚

Olivia Pope – The fixer – whattttt!? Yep I know. So BADASS!
 The woman is basically the law! She can be and do everything. We all secretly are fascinated with a superhuman who just is capable of moving mountains. If you want it done… call in Olivia Pope … besides as a woman… hell ya ! I wanna see woman being portrayed as this superhuman geniouses becauses hell… WE ALL ARE!


My Reason


I found this on Pinterest last year July and said to myself

This is my reason! This is my ‘why’

Losing weight has been a long challenging journey for me. And the there are many slopes, rocks and road blocks.

But the point is that I am ready. NOW. FINALLY. I am ready to make a very serious change in my life. I want to teach my daughter that anything is possibleπŸ˜ƒ … My ultimate reason.



Coffee Talk

Okay so here I am 3:33 am Eastern Canada time starting this post. So this wasn’t called coffee talk because I’m having a coffee and I need to chat… This is: I had a coffee early evening and now I can’t fucking sleepπŸ˜‚πŸ˜³.

I haven’t written here since …. uhhhhh… I don’t know when… But it seems I am always inspired when it’s time to sleep. Convenient. I know πŸ˜‰

I’ve been pintresting for the last hour and after pinning almost every 10 week workout plan to a beautiful new “self” and every fitspiration photo of a lady with a tight ass and perfect abs with captions such as “strong is the new sexy”, and “small changes = big results” , “keep going” , “in a month from now you will be wondering why you didn’t start today” blah blah blah …. Let’s just say I was ready to move on…

So now that I’ve fed that part of my brain I thought why not try and write …

And now I may try and sleep…
Wish me luckπŸ˜•

Good night y’all

Oh Chapters, how I love thee..

This post should of been written yesterday because the passion has dissipated slightly however none the less I’m going to try to transcribe as it were yesterday πŸ˜€

Not sure where the lot of you are from and if you have “Chapters” where you are but Chapters/Indigo (indigo is the canadian chain bought by Chapters -yes, I’m canadian ayeeee) well chapters is a big box book store that is just so much more. I don’t know about you but there is something about walking in to Chapters that’s just so invigorating. I walk in and ohhhhhh the possibilities …. I’m inspired to read, learn, do…. I could stay there all day.

Not to mention the engeries (yes i dont think that is a real word but whatever it’s my blog and this is what I do -form words to say what I wanna say. Haha) … the energies from those around you with the same thirsts driven by INSPIRATION. Everyone is so pleasant from employees to customers it’s just a real natural high. An adrenaline.

I had one thing in mind going in : “FITBIT” … A purchased I have long mauled over.

So I walk in the tall heavy wood library doors and my initial reason for the visit was thrown off path. Everything so perfectly and gracefully displayed. From unnecessary beautifully crafted knick knacks – leading you to believe that you need them, to journals and paper paraphanillia – urging you to get organized and journal your life to the last detail, yoga essentials – charging you to want to enter the serene world and the books … Ohhhh the books… Leading you in to all different worlds and amazing possibilities… That’s the real wonderment of Chapters to me.
It takes you anywhere you want to go.

That was my high for the day. I can’t wait until my little princess can read and we can walk in together and enter in to the magic land of our dreams.

What store brings you to your magic place?

Who Am I? and Why am I here? …

These are great questions. Ha! I wish I exactly knew the answers to those. I started this blog a while back and well… as you can see I have not got far.

Today on freshly pressed, I found this post “You Never Can Tell…Part 2” , which I really enjoyed, which also linked me to this Zero to Hero Challenge πŸ™‚

Side Note: Thanks Ana πŸ™‚

So I am writing this as part of the Day 1 Challenge. Who I am and Why I am here.

Click here for my “about me” page which should be updated a little but close enough for now πŸ™‚

I wanted to write this blog as a public personal journal. I think writing connects us to our brains and helps to work out a lot in our heads. I am writing for therapy really, because Lord knows and you will find, I definitely need it. Ha! Posting public seems much more interesting. Getting feedback and others thoughts on the inner workings of my brain and thoughts is far more interesting and real.

I enjoy interacting and exchanging positive energy with all different walks of life (yes it’s true). I am interested in reading about others life experiences. From dry sarcastic rants & daily annoyances, to beautiful photography, cooking, parental advice and of course lets not forget the do it yourselfers – Some very clever people out there, I love to read peoples thoughts and opinions. A blog where I can read and have that “ahh haaa” moment is my absolute favourite.

Along my journey here I can connect with you all and perhaps bring you an “ahh haa” moment or two…
I want my blog to be about my daily life, my opinions, my poetry, my art, products I love, products I hate, books I love, books I hate etc… You get the picture.

Looking forward to connecting with you all πŸ™‚


I asked, “Where do you hide? I thought you were gone.”

He replies,

“I watch you here
And I lurk

I watch while you sleep and when your awake
I hide in the corner ready to take

When I see you are weak and starting to break
I slowly take you down low to the bottom
and you easily partake

You barely notice me until my force is already strong
I hold you tight and string you along
But You follow my lead almost every time
I know when to attack
When the timing is all wrong.

So come to me now, just surrender your soul
It will be easy for you and no one has to know.

I need your permission, in order to proceed, come with me now,
It’s you I need.”

I looked up at him and smiled sweetly and said, “Misery, I refuse to give in, I refuse to provide you company and my soul, you will never win.”

My words πŸ™‚
Stay strong in your fight!
Love S.

Zombie Land : Driving in the GTA

So January 2nd. Back to the daily grind. Back to my morning commute, dealing with the never ending blunder of zombies on the road.

Zombie Type #One: The one who graciously waits to read/answer his texts on his cell phone at every stop light. And also takes his sweet time responding to the green light because no one else in the world exists but him-and his phone of course.

Zombie Type #Two: The one talking on his cell phone with the phone in his hand (but not to his ear, it’s on speaker so that makes it better right??- I’m sure he wouldn’t get pulled over for that)

Zombie Type #Three: Oh yes then we have the girl that applies her daily mask piece by piece at every stop light. (I used to be her when I was 18)

Zombie Type #Four: Let us not forget the too scared, face to the wheel, Ima hold as tight as I can because it gives me a false sense of control. (You know the one)

All Others: just put putting away, lost in their mind of the daily thoughts that lurk in their brain… They drive along unaware of their surroundings only their subconscious knowing roughly the amount of space they need to keep between them and the car ahead until the thoughts cloud their brain and the SCREECHHHHH…Almost hit the car ahead … A wake up call…

Then there is me…. The angry driver who is weaving in and out of the Zombies who have been put on the road to specifically irritate me… Who can not see past themselves and oblivious that the world is existing in front of their eyes….

Yes I am she. Riding with the song by Ludacris “Move Bitch”

Tell me about your morning drive ….